In the beginning of the school year we were introduced to the possibility to go on a sport course and since it is the last big event where the pupils can deepen their relationships, it is more than obvious that everyone wanted to go.

Our trip started on Monday June 3rd. We quickly put our luggage in the bus and off we went. The bus journey was rather tiring even though we had a long break on a gas station where was an atrociously long queue for toilet. After three hours in the bus we arrived at our destination. The camping site was in the picturesque area of Lipno. We unpacked our baggage, ate lunch and went on an afternoon program composed of sauntering, cyclist went on a circuit and the skaters went on a tour enriched with learning new tricks on skates. The dinner was followed by an evening program – “Hvězdice”. The teams of ten were completing tasks and the firs won.

Tuesday began with breakfast followed by midday program consisting of orienteering and practice on boats. Alas, in the middle of practice on boats we were struck by rain pouring down the sky. When we got dry, we had a lunch followed by an afternoon program similar to the day before. After dinner we ended the day up with the tournament between classes in softball, volleyball and frisbee.

The Wednesday was the “big day” since it was the day trip on the river. The bus took us to Vyšší Brod we took our equipment and boats and off we went. The weather was merciful since it wasn't raining. On our sailing we had one long lunch break and on small one before the end where we could take some swim in the river. When we arrived at our final destination, we returned our equipment and the bus took us “home”. We ended up with rather releasing program consisting of bonfire where we could roast sausages and sing.

The Thursday was completely life draining since we went on over 20 km long saunter on Plechý or Medvědí stezka. The walk was full of elevation, picturesque scenery and mud. After the long day, we were completely exhausted. The evening program wasn't compulsory because it was raining. Only a few brave ones went on the “orienteering with ghosts”.

Friday was relaxing. The midday program was put together form short trip to Nová Pec and cleaning the cabins. After lunch, we put our luggage in the bus and went on a three hours journey home tired and full of nice memories.

The sport course was for me rather challenging since I'm an asthmatic and the everyday trips and activities were very demanding. But looking back I really enjoyed it with my friends and I'm proud of myself I was able to get through it. On the other hand, one thing that annoyed me was little to no free time and the evening programs were making us only more tired and irritated and it is a pity since it was meant to “get us togheter”.

Kateřina Bučková, 3. A