On 21st June 2019 our class 3. A went to town called Dobřany to see the Loma Systems factory. The firm originally comes from the UK and was founded in 1969. Its main job is to make special machines that are designed to detect undesirable pieces of iron in all kinds of goods like food, medicines or even pillows.

Our small group consisted of 14 students and 2 teachers arrived at Dobřany around 9 a.m. After ten minutes of walking we came to the factory which was situated on the very edge of the town. At the entrance of the building we were greeted by a few employees and asked to move to the canteen, where a short presentation was prepared for us. During this presentation we were told some basic information and history of the firm and what types of machines are built there. Then we divided in two smaller groups and our tour in the factory finally began.

As we walked around the building, we could watch the whole process of the machine making. There were several types of the machines, each detecting the iron by its magnetic and electrical conductivity. Since they are very sensitive, they can detect even a 0,25 milimeter long piece. Each type is made in different sizes, in order to suit to the product precisely and so it is as much effective as possible. During the whole tour our guide gave us many pieces of information about the machines, how they are made and how they work. He also tried to answer every question we asked and he was making sure if we understood everything, which was very nice of him.

When we left the Loma Systems, we went to café to sit and discuss what we have seen there. And to get an ice cream of course. That was literally the icing on the cake.

I personally found our trip very interesting. I learned many interesting facts about the goods controlling, which I did not know before and I was happy that I could finally use my knowledge of electricity and magnetic field. I enjoyed it very much and I hope we will have another excursion like this soon.

Markéta Rodová, 3. A