On 3rd of June at 8 o'clock, after half hour of loading our luggage and bikes into buses, we left Pilsen and our long expected sport course have finally begun!

After the arrival, we went through a boating lesson, where we learned how to steer a canoe. At the same day, we also learned the basis of orienteering.

Tuesday was the “water day” and also the day I was the most looking forward to. In the morning, we put a lot of sun cream on, sat into a bus and went to Vyšší Brod, where our water trip started. At the beginning we were little bit clumsy on the canoe, or at least I was, but after a few minutes we were all enjoying the voyage with no troubles. And we even rode down all weirs without falling into the water!
We ended up in Braná and went back to the camp.

The rest of the week we could choose an activity for each day. Se we were separated in various groups of in-line skating, hicking or bicycle riding. I chose bike every day and I don't regret it because on bike I could see many beautiful places as Schwarzenberg Channel or Plešné lake.

Every evening we had some social activities as competitions between classes, camp fire with singing or night walk through forest, which I enjoyed a lot, though I have many bruises now.

I would like to mention the camp where we slept. It is a really pretty place next to Lipno, surrounded by a forest. We slept in wooden houses, which included only four beds, se we had to use one bathroom all together. That wasn't a big deal but little bit uncomfortable was showering with a cold water. And how about food? I was pleasantly surprised how they were trying to make their best for vegetarians and people with gluten-free diet.

To sum up, if I had the opportunity to go once more, I would definitely take it. It was a week full of great moments and sport in beautiful nature.

Kateřina Soumarová, septima A