On 28th May, our school specifically French seminar of septimas and third classes took part in a competition Ars Poeticae at František Křižík grammar school, where we got the first place.

Several weeks ago, we decided to take part in the literary-theatre competition Ars Poeticae as a goodbye to two years of French studying playing a short French play. We enjoyed preparing for this competition. Screenplay was bravely written by a talented student Tereza Hořčičková and the rest was easy. The lessons of French language were funnier than any other lessons and we had a great fun while rehearsing, creating new scenes and finding our hidden acting talent.

The main character was played Ivana Kozákova as a mother of two children Petr Le Quocka Lucie Holá. Some other minor roles were played by some seminar students and we divided work on coulisses and costumes randomly throughout the whole seminar ourselves. However, the most important person was our teacher Kateřina Kuchtová, who motivated us, helped us a lot and did the most important think – language corrections.

Our D day was 28th May, we all were terribly nervous but when it came to the action, we performed excellently. Despite some technical troubles, we were praised by three-membered jury, praised for a great idea, for being brave enough to do something in French, because French is difficult to do anything in it. Besides, when there are only two lessons a week, it is even more difficult. Eventually we won the competition and we were absolutely excited.
We won great prices and a great cake which was eaten very enthusiastically the next day at school.

We haven´t expected such a price and it´s a pity that we can not continue next year. We celebrated our success in the restaurant after the school and we said friendly goodbye.

The participation was worth and we thank for a great variegation of our lessons.

Iva Salivarová, septima A, free translation