On Monday 27th May, shortly after 2nd lesson, we met our teachers Mrs. Brichtová and Mr. Cón in front of our school and we went to a train station. We caught a train direction Dobřany. In Dobřany we visited Brewery Modrá Hvězda.

They welcomed us, they sit us to the table and they showed us an interesting film with a lot of interesting information about brewing beer. After it finished, we were divided into two groups. The first group went to see a production of beer and the second group was listening to an interesting information about mineral in beer from Mrs. Brichtová. Then we changed our positions so this group could as well see the secrets of brewing beer. We also get to know that brewery grain´s is used for making good biscuits, which we could try eventually. We could try beer jam as well. It tasted like a honey.

We thanked for a great information and we went for a famous ice cram from Dobřany. We had some free time to see what we wanted and very shortly we went to a train station. The train brought us back to Pilsen. We enjoyed the excursion a lot.

Žaneta Holá, tercie A, free tranlation