On Wednesday, 24th April, our class started a trip to Southern Moravia. We met at four PM in front of our school and got into a bus.
We arrived at Hustopeče at around 8 PM, I was very happy with the hotel - the rooms were for two to four people and we had our own bathroom.

On Thursday, we got up at around 7 AM. We took a bus to Lednicko-Valtický area, where we saw a botanic park and had lunch. After that, we visited Archeopark Pavlov. Speaking for myself, the exposition here was really interesting, I was especially surprised by the size of Věstonická Venuše., which was a way smaller than I imagined. The rest of the day was spent by a walk to Děvín. The long walk in such hot and sunny weather was kind of exhausting, but the beautiful nature and views were totally worth it.

Friday was the last day of the excursion. We started our day by visiting the beautiful park and a botanic garden in Kroměříž. Then we spent the last hours of our excursion in Sloupsko-šošůvské caves, where we had the opportunity to see some really beautiful and interesting stalactics.

I must say that I really enjoyed this excursion, because it wasn't overfilled with boring expositions and so, but on the other hand, I think we saw really interesting places and learned something new.

Adéla Kotková, kvarta B