Our week in the Giant Mountains started on Monday March 4th and ended on Sunday March 10th. The last day, everyone was a little sad that the skiing course was ending but the excitement of going home was much bigger.

Over the week, we endured many hard physical challenges, for example, cross-country skiing (for many students it was for the first time). It was fun until we found ourselves in an unexpectedly big snow storm. The following day, many students weren’t feeling well and had to leave during the week. But the bad moments were outnumbered by the good ones.

One evening, there was a night game. The game included many interesting challenges such as stepping into a river and picking up a stone out of there and taking a selfie with the stone. Most of us found that quite interesting... We had a great time and that is the most important thing. The last evening of our course, there was a disco so everyone had a chance to properly celebrate the end of the week.

The whole skiing course was an experience that we will probably never forget. We would like to thank our teachers for surviving a long week with a bunch of teenagers and for preparing interesting and adventurous activities which we enjoyed doing.

Markéta Mertlová, Michelle Kiers - 1 .B