(Review of the play we visited on 12th February)

This week, I visited with my class Pilsner theatre “Nová Scéna”. We saw one of the most famous theatrical comedies by Moliére - Tartuffe.

Moliére wrote Tartuffe in 17th century. In this case script editor produced this drama like very modern play. Although this performance is a comedy, there were no funny moments at all. Instead of humour and jokes there was only very controversial erotic scene. I´m sure that everybody was only wondering if that woman had second panties.

The next problem for me was, that I had a seat in 19th row. The actors were sometimes speaking too quietly, so I had to be really focused on hearing what they were speaking about.
The performance of the actors was satisfactory, especially the performances of the main characters – it means Tartuffe, Orgon and his wife Elmine.

The drama was a great disappointment for me, especially due to the fact that one day ago I visited Stavovské divadlo in Prague where I saw excellent drama Spalovač mrtvol. On the other hand, it was perfect change for everybody and it´s a little bit different form of educating.

Petr Klír, septima A