(Review of the play we visited on 12th February)

In this review I´d like to summarize my opinion on a play I´ve recently seen in the Pilsen New Theatre. I went to see Moliére´s Tartuffe only a couple days ago and my feelings are more or less mixed.

Let´s start with the negatives hoping I can eventually work up to ending on a positive note. Reasons for my state of confusion could be the following aspects of the play. Firstly, the play appeared rather submissive and seemed to have been adjusted to the presumed liking of a teenage audience, guessing from the unnecessary amount of inappropriate jokes and scenes which not many members of the audience actually didn´t find funny. Furthermore, a not awaited problem emerged when any of the actors spoke only a bit quieter, as the audience in the rows further back couldn´t grasp every line being said.

This brings me to the silver lining I´m desperately holding onto, it is that the beautiful original language was perceived and performed well by the actors.

My final impression of this performance isn´t at all positive as I left the theatre feeling somewhat disappointed and confused. I´m certain that I would have enjoyed seeing the play composed and directed with a more classic approach. In spite of the fact that I would recommend seeing this adaptation, I would have preferred doing something more productive, than actually seeing this play.

Valentýna Fuchsová, septima A