(Review of the play we visited on 12th February)

Forget the Moliere as you´ve known him for years - Martin Čičvák in a cooperation with Pilsen drama group created an outstanding, yet rather conventional piece of modern theatre play.

Though it is Moliére´s Tartuffe that we´re talking about, you shold not await some spectacular costumes form the 17th century. This updated version includes today´s clothing and its bright colours make a significant contrast to a white backup made out of simple paper, which was being repeatedly torn in pieces during the whole play. The final element of the scene represented by several cones filled with colourful sand, hung from the ceiling, therefore creating various shapes on the ground.

As most of you know, Tartuffe is a comedy. Particularly this humorous aspect was one of the things that the play lacked, compared to the original one. Čičvák also decided not to be exact with a lot of things – Tartuffe´s religion for instance. Another thing that frankly disappoint me was the changed ending, which made the whole comedy far more tragic than originally intended.

Despite the lead performance of Kamila Šmejkalová (Mariana) and Apolena Veldová (Dorina), Čičvák´s Tartuffe does not get out of the shadow of its weak adaptation and questionable plot.

Kristýna Bednářová, septima A