On the 8th of February 2019 the civics teacher initiated a 2-hour project in the town hall of Pilsen for the class Septima A, which was basically about the European Union. It consisted of a presentation part and a questioning part. The very nice and energetic lecturer had also asked the students things to the particular topic during her slideshow and eventually explained some misunderstandings or answered further questions.

As all gathered in the main room, it started. The presentation appeared to start off really quickly as if the lecturer was in a rush. Probably because there wasn’t much time and the slideshow (as I managed to notice) had 40 slides. The whole class was a bit taut at the beginning, but we started to enjoy it afterwards. After a few monologues, debates and discussions we felt like we could finally understand how things on this huge and power- and meaningful platform work.

For me personally, as I’m kind of interested in politics and international relationships, it was very educational and beneficial. And although there was a lot of information in a really short period of time to absorb, I found pure joy in spending two hours in this town hall. I’d recommend this every parallel class!

Nikola Uhle, septima A