On Monday 14th January we woke up and we went to the train station. At 11 am we were in špičák. We got our suitcases and we went to unpack them.  Of us shared a room. There were 3 beds and 1 bunk. The lunch followed but it wasn´t good. After the lunch we went skiing! The teachers divided us into groups. We were skiing for about three hours. After skiing we went to the common room where thee teachers introduced us the rules. Bed time came at 10 pm.

On Tuesday we woke up at 7.30. We had cereals and milk. We went skiing in the morning and then we had lunch. After the lunch we went cross-country skiing. It was so much fun! Then we went to common room again and we played some games. Then we were tired and went to sleep.

On Wednesday morning we went skiing on Spičák. Then we went to a trip to Železná Ruda. There we bought some things and sweets. After the trip we had a snow ear. Thursday was same like Tuesday. But we had a cross-country skiing race. It was really fun.

On Friday we were sad, because it was the last day. We packed our things and we went skiing but only for two hours. Then we had lunch and went to the train station. After a long way home we saw our parents and hugged them. Then we went home and we are looking forward to the next skiing trip in kvinta.

Kuštová, Dvořáková, Horníková – sekunda A