On 28th November, we had an opportunity to take part in our school friendly session called “šíráníčko”. It used to have a long tradition here in school many years ago and last year two of our teachers decided to renew this event and we all really appreciate it.

It took place on the stairs between the second and the third floor of our school and people could come here and present any kind of art, which they do in their free time, what they are good at and what makes them happy. It’s simply a chance to express yourself and it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a teacher.

This time there appeared two teacher’s representatives and we’re glad for that. Mrs. Kuchtová read some of her heartwarming poems, which caused that not few people were close to tears and Mr. Puda showed, how great singer and piano player he is. Some of our youngest students from prima A surprised us with their talents. We could see an amazing performance of Kateřina Soumarová, playing the violin, with piano accompaniment by Jan Skořepa. Eliška Rybová introduced two of her honest texts and we were just impressed. We heard also truthful and funny one from Natalia Motysová, which was called “Superficiality”. Adam Francouz incredibly amused the audience with his slam poetry on the topic “What the grammar school gave me and took from me” and I’m sure that nobody would say it more sententiously. Also his friend Josef Hruška from another school recited his sensitive poems. We are happy that Michaela Piontková, one of our school’s former students, came back and told us “What’s terrible about being 19”, now we can’t wait for it :D.

We want to thank to all, who came and performed as well as to the audience, who had also an important role. How our teacher Mrs. Zichová told us: “Not only the people, who write poems, are poets, but poets are also those, who read them.” One special thanks to the professor Ladislav Lašek, who had many years ago established this event and now, at his age of 88, he came to our school as to see our follow-up and contributed with his poem. I’d say that we created magical atmosphere together, I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did and that we’ll repeat our gathering soon.

Hana Sadílková, septima A