It is September 19th, 6:45 AM, and few people from few classes are standing in front of our school. When I arrived there, I went straight to group of people from my class. There was 10 of us. As we were waiting for the bus, teachers Mrs. Nováková, Mrs. Majerová and Mrs. Benešová counted us and took some needed papers from us. When the bus finally arrived, everyone from my class ran to the back part of the bus, because we wanted to sit on those 5 seats next to each other. Some younger schoolmates wanted to sit there, but we used the law of the older and seats were ours. During the ride, we finally could chat about all those things that we don´t have time to talk about at school. We also stopped once for bathroom break, but most of us just went out of the bus and stretched our bodies.

Then the bus went about an hour and we stopped in Dobrovice to see sugar refinery. They were speaking about how sugar is made for two hours straight. I assume that almost everyone didn´t find it interesting. After 2 hours of information that came in and immediately out of our heads, we watched a document about making sugar. Some of us even took a quick nap during this document. After this sleep-time, we went to the bus and the bus driver drove us to Mnichovo Hradiště, where is beautiful castle with stunning gardens perfect for Instagram pictures. We shoot some pictures and we went for a tour to the castle. It was way more interesting than Dobrovice and there was also very cool, so we even rested from hot weather outside. When this visit ended, we went to the bus and it was finally on the way to Liberec. When we arrived to Liberec, we immediately went to Ještěd by cableway. Up there, everyone was amazed by the beautiful view to the nature and Ještědsko-kozákovský hřbet. Again, we took loads of pictures from all angles and we went down to parking lot, where our bus was waiting for us. It took us to college, where we were supposed to eat and sleep. It was pretty early, and the teachers didn´t want to allow us visitations of our friends, but after short persuasion they allowed us visitations till 9 PM. Then we took shower and went to sleep, because we needed energy for upcoming two days.

In the morning, we woke up. Us girls, have our make-up and hair done (I have no idea what boys were doing) and then we went to breakfast. After we went to IQ landia, probably the most interesting part of whole excursion. If i can compare it to something, I compare it to Techmania, but with more science, human body and more. We explored so many interesting things. In my opinion, and also others, the funniest thing in IQ landia was Sexmisie. I don´t even have to explain what it was about, you can imagine that by yourself. I guess, that teachers also liked this, because they could rest from us for at least three hours. Anyways, then we went to college to have lunch. They didn´t cook bad, the food was actually pretty good. In the afternoon, we visited old but very pleasing town hall. After, we went to ZOO. We saw white tigers, elephants, red pandas and more and more animals. We had to leave at 6 PM, which was kinda sad, because the ZOO is so big and we weren´t able to see everything there. Then we left to our accommodation to have dinner and another evening with friends. We went to sleep earlier, because we were tired from all adventures of this day.

We woke up to foggy morning in Liberec. We repeated our morning routine, went to breakfast and packed our stuff. Bus took us to birthplace and museum of Ferdinand Porsche. This stop was interesting, because it showed us the life and inventions of Ferdinand Porsche. This museum has very modern technologies. After this, we had a little time, so teachers took us to the shopping centre. Some of us, including me, bought some clothes and snacks. At 1:30 PM, we went to our last lunch in Liberec, then the bus went for about an hour and took us to Škoda auto museum and Škoda manufacturing plant near to Mladá Boleslav. The whole area of Škoda is so big. I was amazed by the parameters of the halls, where cars are made. It is absorbing, how Škoda uses such modern technologies, but still keeps real employees and gives them job. After this quick look to manufacturing plant, we visited yet mentioned Škoda museum. It wasn´t my cup of tea, because I´m not into cars, but I didn´t find it as boring as sugar refineries. This was the last stop of the excursion and time to go home came. We were sad to leave, but we spent another 2 hours in the bus together, because the driver was driving by the compas and got lost in Prague. Approximately 10 kilometers before Pilsen, horrible storm caught us and upper window got broke. It was raining, so Mrs. Benešová had to hold an umbrella opened in the bus, so it was very funny to watch her. After this small complication, we finally arrived back, in front of school, where everything started. Me and my class said last goodbyes and it was time to go home and sleep.

I liked this excursion so much. Not only because of all the interesting things we saw, but mostly of the fact, that it put me and my friends so much closer.

Petra Vítová, kvarta B