On Friday the 22nd students were on a trip to Karlovy Vary and surroundings. The plan was visiting Hot spring in Karlovy Vary, then get to know the production of porcelain in a porcelain factory and last but not least seeing the St. Maurus reliquary in Bečov.

The trip started at 7 o’clock in front of our school, where we got on a bus and had a nice, two hours long journey. When we arrived, the weather was quiet cold with light rain. Despite the weather, we enjoyed the town very much. We took part in an interesting tour of Hot spring, where we found out o lot of fascinating information about Karlovy Vary and especially the spa history. There was process of how stone is made on common things to see too, which was wonderful. Then we had more than an hour of free time, so most of us went to cafes for a cup of hot coffee or we were just walking through the town. Of course, we also visited smaller hot springs and took some water out of them to taste. And indispensable part of our visit was warm spa wafer - but food in McDonald's was quiet popular too.

As a second stop of our journey, we went to a porcelain factory. It was really great, because we could see every part of the porcelain making process live, because the people in the factory were actually working, while we had the excursion. We were in two groups as we were visiting it, which wasn’t really fair, because one group got a small porcelain souvenir (ofc I was in the bad group) and the other got just weird guide and that was it! Even though this little injustice all of us enjoyed it very much.

The very last visit was Bečov. It was already raining and we were freezing as we walked to the castle. Our guide was a very nice girl, so it made the tour even better. The whole tour was about St. Maurus reliquary, its restauration and history. And obviously - we saw it. That was actually really beautiful and useful, because it’s one of our biggest treasure.

When we got back to the bus, we were extremely tired. Almost everyone fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we were in Pilsen. The whole day was great and we are very happy, that we could be part of something like that!

Iva Salivarová, sexta A