On 20th May, we were in Planetarium. That was in a school gym. The planetarium looks like a big black igloo. In the middle, there was a big projector. The projector projects pictures of the universe and stars and planets.

Firstly, we were in class P 16, here we consulted the universe, I think that the lecture wasn´t interesting, but I don´t know, how the others liked it.

I think, the programme in the igloo was better than the lecture in P16. I like the programme in the igloo because it was very interesting. I don´t like boring lectures about:  “How far is the Sun, how far is the Moon…?” I think those lectures are boring and not interesting (or interesting, but I don´t know it sorry).
Next time, I want only the projecting show. But it was a great show and we all liked it.

Anna Urbancová, prima B