On the 14th May 2018 our school was in a television competition called U6. It’s a match between two teams from some schools. Our opponent was a grammar school from Příbram. Each of teams contains 5 members, so it is funny because it is called U6.

On 10th April we went to Techmania where we met the TV team and our opponent.  They gave us some instructions and T-shirts if each team: Alpha and Omega. Then we went to Techmania Space center. There we filmed the introduction of the show and the first quiz. Just Kuba Klesa went on this one, because it is only 1v1 match. There was a little problem with a questions. They always gave us some choices A, B and C. But on one of these questions, there was not any right answer. But we fixed it, and make deal, but Kuba had to say a wrong answer.

The second discipline was sport. Ondra Vainer had to climb up the rope ladder and in the middle of climbing set up U6 flags in the shortest time. Sadly he spent too much time setting up the first flag so we lose this match.

After this there were 5 other disciplines like constructing Wind meter, guessing names of random things and throwing bags into a target hole. The last discipline was guessing the name of famous person. It was 1v1 match. There was one actor dressed as one pilot and Markéta Davídková had to guess his name. But immediately after the actor started speaking her opponent guessed it, so we lost the whole game. But we’ve got some small prizes like U6 t-shirt, frisbee and U6 book.
 We wasn’t sad, because it was great enjoyment and we saw how films and serials are recorded.

Filip Winter, Jakub Klesa, tercie A