What did you do at the excursion? Was it fun? Where did you go? Who were you roommates? Similar questions you may ask, but I just cannot answer them and less so make an essay about it. Because as much as I would be delighted to compose the piece regarding the expedition which my class has taken a part in, I am wistfully incapable of doing so, as I have not attended the aforementioned expedition. I have, however, experienced something much more astonishing, artistic and thought-provoking, an event which has had, I would dare to claim, an extraordinarily positive impact on me. The matter which I have mentioned is a theatre competition I have participated in. To demonstrate the case more clearly, every Monday I visit a theatre club in František Křižík's grammar school and these meetings have resulted in us constructing a drama which we have decided to perform in front of other theatre enthusiasts.

Our event started on April 20th, when we performed our play in front of several classes from the aforementioned school. We have then elapsed to the train station and from there were transported to Dobřany. Once we have arrived to the accommodation we were to sleep in at night, we took off our bags and went to the place where the theatre plays took place. At this point we finally got what we strived for the entire time of waiting for this moment - the performances have begun. We were however doomed to wait until the next day to finally present what we have developed over the last several months. When that happened in the end, we received a rather positive feedback which we very much appreciated.

All in all, it was certainly a great experience. We relished every single show which was to be seen and had great conversations with friends I was fortuitous to meet there.

Alan Karlíček, kvarta A