We visited the Pilsen city centre and the Historical Underground on 24th April 2018. We met at school and started our trip through the city parks - Kopeckého sady, Smetanovy sady and Křižíkovy sady. We admired Křižík´s arc lamp there. Then we continued through the streets leading to the Republic Square, one of the largest squares in the Czech Republic with the dimensions of 139 by 193 metres. We visited St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral in the middle of the square. This church impressed us with its tall tower (102.26 metres) and its Gothic darkness.

In the Pilsen Historical Underground we visited many tunnels and passageways with its cellars and wells built in the 14th century. People dug these corridors because there was a law that forbid drinking alcohol after dark and drinking alcohol in the underground was possible. The Underground also served as a good hiding place when Pilsen was under attack. We saw Hussite weapons from 15th century when they besieged Pilsen. But when the people from Pilsen stole a camel from the Hussites, they decided to stop the siege. We liked the Historical Underground very much and we believe we will visit it again.

Jiří Tautrman, Jakub Wirth, prima A