On Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of April our class Kvarta A and Kvarta B went to a two-day excursion to Liberec and surroundings with Mrs. Šedivá, Mrs. Holubová, Mrs. Horská and Mrs. Drahokoupilová.

The journey started early in the morning. After three and half hours on the way to Liberec with a double-decker we finally arrived at a Glass factory AJETO. We heard some basic information and some curiosities about the glassworks in their tavern. Then we had an opportunity to enter the manufactory itself and to experience the tough work of the workmen at first hand. We stopped in Nový Bor later and after a short town tour we visited a Museum of glass products here.

Then we saw a famous touristic attraction and a significant geological location Panská skála. It’s a magnificent basalt igneous rock in an organ shape situated in CHKO Lužické mountains as well as our next stop just few kilometres away. It was another natural sight called White stones also known as Elephant stones. The last activity of the day happened to be a hike to Ještěd in a wonderful hot and sunny weather which we could luckily benefit from the whole two days.

We spent the night in a nice cottage below the mountain top. On Friday we were in IQLANDIA in Liberec. The expositions introduced us to the science and the fundamental notions of physics, chemistry and biology in an entertaining manner. Last of all our group went to another Glass factory, this time specializing particularly in jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.

All in all, I think everybody really enjoyed it. It was both educational and entertaining and we are really looking forward to some another interesting excursion like this one definitely was.

Karolina Loosová, kvarta A