On Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of April me and my class we went on an excursion to northern Bohemia. The excursion started, as excursions usually do, with the department. The bus (It had two decks! It felt so British!) left at 7 AM, which for me was pretty terrible since that is usually the time I wake up at. In the bus we were introduced to our awesome guide named Markéta.

Our first stop was the glass factory Ajeto in Lindava. There we were able to see the workers processing the glass from above and we also learned some information about the history of the glass factory and the process of working with glass.  Then we went to the small city of Nový Bor. There we had a free hour to do anything we want. After that we went to the Museum of Glass #1. There were some pretty interesting things in there. Next were the rocks - Panská skála and Sloní skály. These gigantic remains of times lost in history we just amazing to see. The last stop of the day was Ještěd - amazing for people that are afraid of heights like me! The 3 kilometre walk on a terrible road was also a nice addition. From Ještěd we walked to the place we were spending the night at – Chata Pláně, a cosy place in the mountains.

The breakfast was at 7 AM again, so another day of early waking up for me. After breakfast we drove to Liberec and went to IQLandia, where we spend most of the noon. From there we went to Jablonec to the Museum of Glass #2! This one was focused more on jewellery though and some of the pieces were just breathtaking. And then? The way home of course!

Tomáš Hartl, kvarta A