It´s Tuesday, 24th April, 5:45 AM and I´m late (what a surprise) of course, because that´s the time of our meeting for our Munich excursion. 5:52 and I´m finally arriving, expecting nice little punishment for me being late, but instead of it I´m getting on the bus full of my classmates and guys from 2. A, 2. B and sexta B and sexta A.

6:00 our journey to Munich, Deutsches Museum, BMW Welt and Museum and Munich airport starts right now.

As we found out on Google maps before, the journey is going to take 4 hours. 4 lovely hours in a bus full of noise, music and speeches of our guide, which were quite useful, but nobody paid attention. Some of us even fall asleep, but mostly we were desirably sharing our interesting private life stories. The whole way, including “pee stop” as we call it, took just 4 hours and 20 minutes, which was quite pleasant fact for us.

First, we were sent to Deutsches Museum. I would like to recommend everyone better not to go to the mining detachment, because for me it was quite waste of time. But astrology, physics or rooftop with the views to Munich historical city centre, it was really breath-taking.

The next stop (and the most exciting for most of all, I would say) was the BMW Museum and BMW Welt. It was really worth it, Museum on its own was beautiful. I´m quite interested in cars, so for me it was something I can´t forget. All those cars and things connected with them, just amazing! And BMW Welt, where we could try some of the cars? Just HEAVEN. There were BMWs of course, Mini Coopers and Rolls Royce. What a pity that I don´t have a driving licence!

The very last thing we saw in Munich was the Munich Airport. I think, that we expected a little bit different kind of excursion through the airport, but sitting on the bus and going on the runways wasn´t that bad at all. We got ever to the places that are normally inaccessible.

In a shortcut, it was the best school trip ever and I would definitely recommend it and go again. The getting up at 4 AM was really wort it.

Barbora Krpejšová, sexta A