On 24th April we had a very pleasant experience with a school trip to Munich. Our journey started at an unholy hour 4:45 in the morning, when we literally had to kick ourselves out of our beds and make it to our school until 5:45, 15 minutes before the bus was leaving, with or without us. We travelled with three of our teachers who had been keeping an eye on us, so that we don´t go too wild in such a large group of teenage students.

We safely arrived to Munich after about 4 hours on the bus, which was a surprisingly well spent time with my friends. The first thing that shocked me (in a good way) was Munich itself, how clean and just generally lovely it looked. The first location we visited was the Deutsches Museum – a scientific museum with lots of interesting expositions. The aspect that caught my eye the most though was the building itself. We took loads of photos, looked at Munich´s skyline and continued to BMW Welt. I´m not extremely keen on cars, but this whole complex seemed like out of this world. The architecture was simply striking. I haven´t seen something quite like this in real life.

Our last stop – the Munich Airport (the part of our trip I´d been looking forward to the most) was unfortunately a bit disappointing for me. I might have expected a bit too much and honestly thought we were ought to see more. Luckily, my mood had been rapidly improved by a playground near the Besucher Park, where we 17-year-olds had loads of fun.

In conclusion, I would rate this trip 9.5 out of 10 stars (would have been a 10, if it weren´t for our tour guide, who wouldn´t top the bus for a toilet break). I´m so glad that this trip had happened, though. I enjoyed every bit of it and I´m looking forward to the next one.

Valentýna Fuchsová, sexta A