On 12th March we had the opportunity to take part in an excellent lecture about power engineering, which was led by a student of West Bohemian University in Pilsen together with Mr. Hejl. I must admit, Mr Hejl was hilarious and epic. His funny comments and interesting insertions made all class laugh out loud.

The most interesting info according to me:
Heating forms 60 % of overall consumption on energy in an average household in the Czech Republic.
Heating of water and cooking form approx. 30 %.
Washing and ironing swallow not even 5 %.
Light and other electric and electronic appliances consume the rest of the energy. Therefore I guess that constant lamp switching off can save only a small, not even trivial, amount of energy. I we want to save energy we have to pay attention to heating, because it also consumes a big amount of money. Obviously, in cold winter month, it´s very difficult to save some money on heating.

The next info which was really interesting for me, was the placement of energetic sources all around the world. 66 % of all deposits of black coal are in the USA, Russia and China. It´s not so surprising. The USA, Russia and China are the three biggest countries in the world, therefore there are the biggest deposits. The next 66 % of the rest of the deposits of gas are in the Middle East, in the countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Emirates and many others. The often war conflict in these countries can be explained in the view of previously mentioned facts. Gas and other natural sources will be disappearing in the following years and therefore some countries (those with enough of financial sources) want to rip off as much as possible for themselves. 40 % of oil can be found in the Middle and Middle East countries. It´s a lot considering how small this area is. There are only 13 % of coal deposits, 4 % of gas and 2 % of oil deposits in Europe. This was very surprising for me. I expected at least 20 % of each source.

Although there are so many developed countries, I was surprised, how depended Europe, in fact, is. We rely on countries with half of our economy and we are taking and demanding the only one think, these countries can make business with.

The lecture was perfectly prepared. Apart from a vast number of very interesting information, we could see two short videos. The first one introduced an atom as a such, and its role in nuclear power plants. The second one was about special containers, which seemed to be indestructible. We have learnt, that many of them are produced in the Czech Republic

Táňa Virtová, septima A