This cultural event was 10 days ago in the hall Peklo, in Pilsen. I was there with my class, other classes from my school and with people from other schools who I don´t know. I was the first time when I was on English theatre.

All this day was very special form me. At first I thought that it would be a normal event with some good and bad moments, but nothing special. Everything changed for me with the decision that I would go on the stage like a barista in Starbucks to prepare a coffee for Chris, etc. In that moment, I was really surprised when that woman pointed at me to come to the stage.

I my view, everything was OK there, in the end. I was doing there everything what they wanted. Chris had sometimes jokes, sometimes jokes to me, sometimes stupid jokes to me, but my reactions weren´t bad so I think that it wasn´t painful. I hope it was funny for other people to.

After comeback to school, it was funny too. People called me “Bob” (that was my name on the stage) and also people who I don´t know told me “hello BOB”.

From my point of view, this event was great. We should visit more of these events. It was interesting and amazing change for everybody.

Peter Klír, sexta A