On 20th of March we, 1. B went to an amazing trip to Prague, to Stefanik Observatory.

After the meeting at 7.30 at the main train station, we got on the train Pendolino. Unluckily, there wasn´t any free compartment so we had to split up. We ended up in a quiet section. When we arrived to Smíchov we had to go to the steep hill. It was sunny so we were sweating, because we had really warm clothes.

When we successfully came to the top of the hill, where there was an observatory, the teachers gave us a minute to rest. Then we went inside, where they showed us a document about a universe. We heard a lot of interesting information about the stars. After the document we were watching the Sun with the special telescope. We didn´t see anything interesting. We saw only yellow colour everywhere.

Then we had time to look at the universe exhibition and we ate our snacks. We were so hungry. Finally we went to the mirror labyrinth that all of us were looking forward to seeing and trying. We enjoyed it and we had really great time.

Monika Kernová, Martina Novoveská, Martina Pihrtová, 1. B