It’s the 24th of April, 7:45 AM and we are waiting in front of our school for the rest of our classmates and for our bus. We are going on excursion to Příbram and the mines around it with our teachers Mrs. Drahokoupilová and Mrs. Kloudová. At 8 AM we finally can see the bus turning to our street. It takes about 1,5 hour to get to Příbram.

Our first stop is in the Anna and Prokop mines. We are divided into two groups and our group goes to mine Prokop first. We are riding in the old mine train, with which were the miners riding until late 20th century, when this mine was closed due to economic reasons. Then we stop and our guide tells us some information about the Prokop mine, for example that this mine has 39 floors and is deep about 1500 meters. The bottom floors are flooded with water so we only go to the first floor which is 23 meters under the ground.

The Anna mine is pretty much the same as mine Prokop, but instead of riding by train, we walk in the corridors with flashlights and helmets. Some parts of our walk are almost without light and some of us are little bit scared.

Then we are going to the mining museum in Příbram. There is a lot of different stones which the miners found, from the smallest ones to huge ones. Some of them are even radioactive. There is a tower next to this museum so we are climbing it up. There is a really nice view of the surrounding nature.

Then we are going to our last mining stop. Our guide gives us helmets and we are going to the last mine. There is a really special thing in this mine – a giant milling wheel which has 12 meters in diameter.

After our last mining stop, we are heading to the center of Příbram. We buy very delicious ice- cream here and we are walking from the square to our bus.
We ride about 1,5 hours back to Pilsen. We all really enjoyed this excursion and we learned some new exciting information about mines.

Tereza Hejduková, tercie B