The course started on Sunday, March 4th at 7 AM, we gathered in front of our school and got onto the buses. There we underwent a 5-hour drive to our hotel in Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Whe we arrived we took our bags and skis and carefully carried them inside the hotel.

After that we had a quick lunch and went to the downhill course where we were placed into different skill groups. In the evening we had dinner, then the teachers told us some words about the course that we needed to know.

Monday was the day when the rest fun started. We woke up at 8 o´clock, had breakfast and went to the downhill course. We spent about 4 hours there, afterwards straight we went back to the hotel and rested for a while but for long though, right after a short lunch we went outside to test our cross-country skiing abilities and prepare for the upcoming biathlon competition. In the evening, we did a quiz that the teachers prepared for us.

The next day we went downhill skiing again in the morning, then in the afternoon half of us had the biathlon competition and the rest went for a walk.

On Wednesday, everybody went downhill skiing again and in the afternoon the other half had the competition in biathlon. The evening again was filled with a quiz about the Olympic winter sports and the city we were in – Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

On Thursday, we went on a cross-country skiing trip. We had to place ourselves into one of 4 groups, depending on which route we wanted to take. Group number one had the longest one and group number four the shortest one. On the last day, we went downhill skiing in the morning and we had a short walk in the afternoon. In the evening a big party took place in the main half of the hotel we had a prolonged bedtime, which was sweet.

Saturday was the last day, se we didn´t really do anything, we just packed our things and got on the bus.

The course was a lot of fun and I´m looking forward to another trip similar to this.

Tomáš Kroužecký, kvinta A