After our loooong and very precious preparations, there was something what might have been forgotten by many. There, on the second floor, on 20th December 2018, was STUDENTSKO   SIRANICKO. I strongly believe it won´t stay forgotten for a long time as many students, our classmates and even a lot of teachers participated in this event. The founder of this event, professor Lašek, who was active at our school a long time age, even visited this event.

The whole afternoon brought a great atmosphere - music, poetry, slam poetry or authors´reading. Our schoolfellows showed a great talent and as a great presenter Ivča said: “We don´t even have time to know each other this way. The only thing we are interested in is when our next physics test is”.  Which is true and I am so happy that we could get to know each other in public and from a completely different perspective.

At the beginning, we could listen to a great violin performance of Mozatr´s Sonata, awesome dreamy song of Aerosmith or a beautiful moving song Jar of Hearts as a duet. Funny slam made us all feel the energy and poetry reflected feelings which we all have from time to time. There was also prose read - sometimes with more sometimes with less energy.

I can´t forget to mention a great refreshment which supported the atmosphere - Christmas sweets, cookies, tea and absolutely delicious and divine croissants from our great teacher Mrs. Kuchtová. Our tastes were also stimulated, which only supported the great atmosphere of the whole afternoon.

In the end, I would like to express great THANX to all teachers and students who came to listen to us, THANX to all participants, THANX to our hilarious presenter, to everybody who helped us with organisation and above all THANX to teachers Zichová and Kuchtová for their support, ideas and endeavour who this Šíráníčko couldn´t return without.


Martina Jandová, 3. A