We visited Franz Kafka’s Museum on Wednesday 16th of November. Our class OKA had a meeting point at the main railway station in Pilsen at 7:45. We bought tickets, found our train start waiting, because the train had as always delay. Luckily we were not limited by the time. After more then 90 minutes of a ride we finally were in Prague. We took the subway and after a short walk we stood in front of the museum. Our teacher PaedDr. Hirschová bought tickets for us.

I found, that students from the French group of our class were a bit disappointed because the most of descriptions of exhibition were in German language. Luckily some of them were in English and few of them in Czech as well. We didn’t took a guide guy, which was a mistake maybe, I believe it will be better with him. I was very surprised because the museum looks small from outside, but the exhibition was very big, it took three floors. The exhibition was full of Franz Kafka’s letters to his wife, full of his rare writings books and photos. We spent there about one or two hours, so after that we had free time for lunch and sightseeing.

I went with Honza, Martin and Venca to the shopping centre for lunch, then Honza took us for a long journey through the city, which was very interesting. I was surprised what he knows about Prague city centre.

At 4PM we had met on the main train station in Prague and we went home. I was not happy because the train had as always delay about 30 minutes, but I didn’t assume that the train would leave on time. Maybe next time it will be better to go with the car, for five people it will be a bit cheaper then train and it will be way faster. On the other hand, trains are more ecological.

However it was nice trip and the Franz Kafka’s Museum is worth visiting. We really enjoyed it.

Jakub Fišer, oktáva A