Bright smiles, huge luggage… Here it is - another adventure ahead of us.

On Monday 16th October, we gathered in the hall of the main train station and couldn’t wait to finally meet our new German exchange students from Albertus Mganus Gymnasium in Regensburg. The delay of the train, however, didn’t really help to calm down our excitement. But after never ending thirty minutes, we finally faced the group of eight boys and three girls - our new friends.

The first day of their visit was rather tranquil, supposed to get to know each other. But for the next day, there was Prague scheduled on our week plan. Two hours in the train with Germans definitely helped us to make more friends among them. We have seen all the beautiful sights that day, such as Charles Bridge, Old Town Hall, Prague Astronomical Clock and many more.

Luckily, we had a beautiful weather for the whole week, so event the trip to Tachov turned out pretty well. I personally didn’t know that the second biggest riding stables in Europe are in such a small town like Tachov.

On Thursday, we visited Loos interiors in two apartments in Pilsen, which was really interesting and I enjoyed it. You almost felt like in the past, especially in the first one on Klatovská Street. Germans also visited our school and attended our two lessons.

We spent our last day in Techmaia Science Centre, but most of the Germans went to buy something for their parents after they were allowed to leave. I would say that we took all of our effort to make their staying as much comfortable as possible and we’re truly looking forward to seeing them in Regensburg.

Kristýna Bednářová, Daniela Fišerová, Katka Soumarová, Valentýna Fuchsová - sexta A