Hi Amanda,

We haven´t talked for a while, right? It seems like an eternity. Last Friday we went to the theatre with my class. The play took place in Papírna. It is not really a theatre. It seemed more like a cafe/restaurant to me. There was a bar and a small stage, but it was still lovely.

Now something about the play… It was called „A Nut from Arizona“. It was basically about a boy called Nut, who was sometimes acting like a nut. He was a seller, however he had no shop. Mostly he liked to sell clothes. For example pot holders, skirts and underwear were really popular. One day on his way home, he needed to take a rest and eat something so he stopped in wilderness. While he was preparing dinner a lioness came to him. He started to run, but after a moment he realized that he stood no chance against such a beast, so he fed her. The lioness fell asleep so he tried to drive away. But she woke up and didn´t let him. He had to take her with him. They became partners. She helped him with selling the articles. The Nut fell in love with a girl from town and she told him that if he loved her, he would get rid of the lioness. So the Nut took her to a circus. After meeting the people there he realized he couldn´t do it, so he kept her. They went home and it all ended up with marriage. Are you asking who did he marry? Well, a completely different town girl. It was a girl that he flirted with through the entire play.
The play was good and what´s really cool that it was performed by children who were about the same age as me.

But what about you? Any interesting events coming up? Anything new I should know? I really miss you. We should hang out some time.
Your dearest friend


Karin Negerová, kvinta A