On Thursday 21st September, we - sekunda A set on a trip to a birth region of our great teacher. We met in front of our school at 8 and shortly after that we went on a trip. Our first stop was a stone menhir Kamenný pastýř, close to village Klobuky.

(menhir= a stone built in the ground). After several pictures we set on the bus and drove to Peruc. We could see Boženina Studánka there, its nearby spring and Oldřich´s Oak. This is the place where Oldřich and Božena met for the first time. We took some pictures again and the bus took us to a state chateau Libochovice. After we went through this beautiful castle, we could go into a great chateau gardens. The one before last stop was Roudnice nad Labem. Most of us liked this town. We got some time off and in a while whole sekunda A was walking round the streets. Some pupils bought some supplies for our trip back, some of us went straight away to the restaurant or a café and somebody was just relaxing in a tree shadow.

After an hour of a free time, there was a top of our trip - The peak Říp and “climbing up”. On the top, we relaxed a bit, we bought some souvenirs, took a lot of pictures and went back to Pilsen.

I believe it was one of the best school days ever.

Tereza Temniaková, sekunda A, free translation