At 27th of Septembe r2017 class 2. B took an excursion to Karlovy Vary. We set off around 8 in the morning. Before this trip Mrs. Tolletová made fun of us by saying that she expects us to sing in the bus and no headphones usage. We weren’t sure if that was a joke or not so we had decided to sing. It turned out to a really nice thing to do for our whole time in bus.

Our first stop was porcelain works Thun 1794. At the start we had a chance to take a look at all the types of porcelain they produce. After that we walked through the whole manufacturing process. It was all very nice but the best part was out absolutely hilarious guide. You would have to see him for yourself to understand.
Next destination was glassworks Moser, the Czech most famous producer of crystal glass. We had been taken to the work where have learned that every single product is handmade. The most shocking fact was that the workers there earn even less money than a shop assistant. Also we visited their museum which holds copies of glasses made for royal families in the world. In the end we went to their sales gallery with thought of buying something nice. We soon discovered that pretty much everything there was not within our financial reach. The most expensive piece of glass was a 410 000 Crowns limited edition vase.

At the end of the day we walked through the city center to Kolonáda. There we went underground.

Jiří Šuster, Petr Mild - 3. B