On 2nd May, me and four other classmates went to the recording of a TV show named U6-the awesome world of techniques. We started at 9:00 and finished at 19:00, so we were there for 10 Hours.

In the show, there are two teams, Alfa and Omega. We were Alfa, our foes were from Domažlice. At the start, we were winning but when the middle came, we lost an event about building a billiard and we were losing until the final event. It was called ´´changeover, and I was selected for it. It was about guessing a famous people connected to the theme of the episode. Ours was Sport, which was ironic, because almost everyone from our team wasn´t very sporty. The foe that I was against, guessed Barbora Záhlavová-Strýcová, but it was the wrong answer. I listened to more of the clues from the author who played the character. Then I tried to guess the character. I guessed Andrea Hlaváčková and I was right, so we won by a lot of points.

Then we went to get our prices but it wasn´t that easy. It was quite challenging actually. We were supposed to move boxes from a table to another one while between them was a closing gate. Some boxes contained nothing, some contained prizes. We got almost all the boxes with prizes, we didn´t get only one box, which contained bottles with the U6 logo so we didn´t lose anything that important. We won a mobile phone, a trip for the entire class and a lot of other rewards.

The recording was very fun but there were parts, where it was very frustrating, because we had to record some shots a lot of times.
Overall it was a good experience and we learned a lot and the rewards were just a cherry on top of a cake. Our episode was shown on 4th June and I watched it with my family.

Benjamin Dominik Zajíček, tercie B