On Monday, 19th June kvarta A went on a two days trip to Rokycany.

The train took us to Rokycany and we arrived at half past ten. We walked to the observatory, somebody was in the lodge and somebody brought a tent. After a while we grabbed our backpacks and went on the way to the lookout tower Kotel, which is about 600 metres high. It was a long hike full of entertaining tasks which we got from our form teacher Mrs. Čermáková. There was this one task that I feel like nobody knew, it was to find a rainbow but how are we supposed to find a rainbow on a sunny day? To be specific, on a 30°C day... We reached the hill very sweaty and those who are not scared of highs climbed the 28 metres tall tower. The weather was a little bit windy up there, that’s why the tower was swinging from side to side. Most of us just took some photos and quickly went back down since the swinging was pretty dangerous.

Then we went all the way down (5,5 km) back to the town and enjoyed some free time in the centre, had some fun nearby at the fountain. We met again at 18:00 then we went to our accommodation and checked our bodies just to make sure we are not burned from sun. At about seven o’clock we had an interesting introduction to the observatory and then we ate dinner. The same night we had the opportunity to watch the stars and Jupiter in the sky with a telescope. We visited the stellarium as well. Next day everybody woke up very tired because of Peter’s late night gossiping in his tent. We ate breakfast, packed and visited the stellarium once more to see the Saturn and a short funny video about a cow in the universe. We returned from the trip at 11 a.m.

It was great and I would love to visit Rokycany again. We have learned a lot and had so much fun too.

Hoang Ngoc Lan, kvarta A