On Thursday 8th June, our class 1B, visited Prague. The trip to Prague ran away very quickly, because a group of fanatics (the whole class) prepared a birthday party and celebration for one of our school buddies, and because this fellow is extremely popular, the celebration was epic. Cheering and laughing could be heard till our terminal station – Prague´s  main train station. From here we set on a trip, led by our teachers Mr. Con and Mr. Tesař, towards our first stop – The Museum Of Communism – where we had to fill in an easy test (the answers were located on various stops of the exhibition). I believe we had quite fun and those who didn´t, they at least could find out something new about the previous regime.

After the Museum, there was free time for lunch… And guess… The whole class ended up at Mc´Donnals´. After we had filled up our stomach with a pleasure, there was a nice and pleasant walk round the city centre. At the Cyril and Metoděj Church we split into two groups. The first one visited the church and the crypt with Mr. Tesař, and the second group followed Mr. Cón to Wenceslas Square. There were some tiny complications on the way, but eventually we arrived to the Square where we had a little time on our own again. Then we met at the main train station again and went home.

Everybody enjoyed the trip, at least I hope, because I enjoyed it very much. Not only, I found out new information about our previous regime, but also I could assure myself about the great and tight friendship in our great class. The excursion fulfilled its objective – we learned something new, we deepen our friendship and gave us some new experiences which we will definitely remember for a long time.

Eliška Rybová, 1. B, free translation