It´s been a half month we went on a trip to Botanic garden in Prague. We met at 7.45 AM in front of our school and took the bus. The bus went to Prague in an hour and half. It wasn´t a boring trip. We are the kind of people who can make fun of everything.

For the first, we went in a big greenhouse. There were three rooms. The first was like subtropical climatic zone. It was very dry and the temperature was about 30 degrees of Celsius. We found there lots of xerophilic plants that don´t need lots of water like aloes, clivias and agaves. We didn´t stay here for a long time. Almost immediately we went to the second room. There was very dry tropical climate like in a rainforest. The flowers were amazing! There were monsteras, orchids and insectivorous plants. But the temperature wasn´t good. There were almost 35 degrees of Celsius! There also were beautiful butterflies trying to escape from a lot of toodlers that were cruel trying to catch them. One girl from our class shot a nice picture of one from the most beautiful ones. In the third room there was it very nice. It was small and cold. It symbolized a mountain rainforest that is dense and not to warm. This temperature was about 25 degrees of Celsius and was very pleasant. We did there our working list we get in the beginning.

Then we went outside to the second part of our trip. Honestly, it was better. We had to finish that list but we just relaxed on the grass and had a rest. Some girls were doing flips. Boys played games. And teachers had a break from annoying students and all of us liked it there. But there was a time to return. We had a meeting next to the north cashier´s desk. But two girls got lost and went to the south one! We had to wait for them almost 20 minutes! But we took the buss back and all of us got home well and alive. Only one bad thing happened – one of the boys left his keys there! But he said ‘No worries I´ve got other one so I´ll get home’. So everybody was satisfied and wanted to repeat it.

Daniela Holecová, sekunda B