On 27th May we were on our class favourite trip - cleaning the river Berounka of plastic bottles. This year we used (like every year before) boats from rental H2O Sikyta - 4 rafts, 2 coupled kayaks and a punt. Students were cleaning a place between Bílá Hora and the weir in Bukovec.

Every year we find a lot of interesting and amazing things. This year it was the same, but it was a 5th year we are cleaning the river, and on the river is visible, that it is much cleaner, then 5 years ago. We found 8 big bags of only plastic trash all together. To the most interesting things we found belongs a football ball (which we used when we arrived to Bukovec), some tennis balls (like every year) and letter in a bottle. From other usual findings there are plastic bottles or polystyrene bottles.

We had a very good weather; the sun was shining all day. At the end of the trip, we roasted some sausages. Than we could to try a kayak in a sharp water under the weir. After roasting, cleaning boats and packing all the trash we went to the bus stop in Bukovec.

Jakub Mergl, kvinta A