On the 2nd May we (kvintas and kvartas) had the opportunity to see a match of European football championship (Women Under-17) along with a lot of students from other Pilsen schools. Although it wasn't just about watching football and cheering - there were many sport activities such as archery, climbing wall or orienteering prepared for us to try and have fun with before the match started.

When I was arriving at the appointed place that morning, I was afraid that the weather would betray us – it was cloudy and really cold for a May day and I didn't really feel like sitting outside and watching football for 2 hours. But the match started at 11 am so we still had almost 3 hours for all kinds of sport activities, which were a part of the program. We wanted to try everything, but unfortunately time was running fast and there were big crowds of people everywhere we went. Still we had a lot of fun.

Then finally came the time for the match itself. The weather still wasn’t exactly good, but thankfully we sat in a good place, so it didn’t matter that much. It was the Czech Republic vs. France and I was really excited, yet kind of left in the dark because I know nothing about football. Regardless of that, I cheered vehemently with the others every time it seemed appropriate (and also at times I probably shouldn’t have). I have to admit that even though we lost to France 2-1, I enjoyed the match and the time with my friends.

Monika Školová, kvinta A