Who, actually, would like to wake up one hour earlier than usual? But it was worth. On 5th April 2017, we students of kvarta A, kvarta B and part of kvinta A met in front of our double decker bus, in which we spent following three hours on the way to our two-day geological excursion to the north of Bohemia. The lower part of our bus changed into a casino and jukebox, but it a big secret what was happening upstairs.
Our first stop was a glass factory in Nový Bor, where only made-to-order pieces are manufactured. I was really surprised that all glassblowers drink cold beer which only has seven percent of alcohol, as we were told later.  Then we had enough time to look around the town and we finished this sightseeing with the visit of a local Museum of Glass where we were given a lot of information about the glass manufacturing, decorating and sharpening.

Then we continued to a ballast rock Panská Skála. Unfortunately we couldn´t stay long because the weather was worse and worse. The next stop of our trip was a group of rocks looking like a herd of elephants. We all returned to our bus expecting just a way to our cottage in the mountains, which should have become our home for one night. But… Something happened! We were forced to leave our warm seats in our bus and to go on a three-hour hike to Ještěd. I don´t know anybody excited about this hike but… What can U do? Orders are orders. Besides, you just don´t come to these places very often.  Armed with biscuits, chocolate (Thanx Heavens for chocolate!), and some other sweets, with just common sneakers, we set on a trip to face wolves, bears, snow and fog, which was so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw! After a hike, there was an awesome and breath-taking view into the fog. Absolutely exhausted we had an hour rest in the restaurant on the top after which we had to go down on melting slopes towards the cottage Pláně.  A lovely dinner consisting of noodle soup, and sirloin sauce was waiting for us. And then, finally, well deserved rest till the morning in very stylish rooms which were decorated in an old-fashioned way!
After a Swedish breakfast, our bus took us into a centre iQlandia, which is similar to our Techmania.  We spent the whole morning trying and experimenting. In the afternoon we visited the Museum of Glass and Fashion Jewellery in Jablonec, which, of course, was very interesting for us, girls! For the others it was just a necessary evil.

This museum was the last part of our program and then we just were heading home.  A lower part of the bus again spent the time playing poker.

In spite of a terrible weather and tiredness, I think, it was a great trip and we have something to remember (at least a killing hike to Ještěd which will, for some of us, be a nightmare for a long time).

Nátálie Sloupová, kvarta B, free translation