Our class (3. A) went on excursion to local hospital FN Lochotín on the 19th April 2017. We were very excited about it, because nobody has seen anything like this before so we were curious about how the doctors work, how the operations look like and so on.

We got special clothes (big cloth shirts and pants, rubber shoes, hair nets and surgical masks ), we cleaned our hands and were divided into 2 groups - one group went to cardiology and saw how works the venous catheter and what is it good for and they also saw doctors rescuing a woman with a heart attack. The second group went downstairs where there were 4 operating rooms. The head nurse told us everything about each operation, especially the one with a brain tumour. She was a head nurse of neurology so she was telling us very interesting facts about this department, for example that the longest operation there lasted about 24 hours, which must have been very hard. Other operations were knee operation (there were three doctors listening to hard rock music while they were practically chopping the knee-joint), large intestine operation and varicose veins operation. The operations themselves were breath-taking and sometimes even shocking as we could really see how the inside of a human body looks like. Then they showed us how they “wash” the surgical instrument and how important it is for everything to be disinfected and clean.

I surely recommend this kind of experience, because it is totally different from what you see on TV, so if you have a chance go and see it. Even though some of us lost their consciousness or didn’t feel well for a while, we really enjoyed it. I’d like to thank our biology teacher Mgr. Lenka Holubová and FN Lochotín for this extraordinary chance to see what it really looks like in reality.

Bára Pospíšílová, 3. A