With our ecological seminar we took an excursion of organization Povodí Vltavy. It was 24th of March and the open days for public and schools just started. Some of us were early in front of the building and even helped the employees with carrying stuff inside.

At 8 a.m. short presentation about main information started and it explained how their daily work routine looks. The organization has over 20 employees and all of them work in different labs. Some of them check the quality of water other discovered organisms in it.

In the next hour, we checked all the different labs in the building. In each of them we discovered what it is used for and what people research in it. We even had a talk with a man that takes care of getting new samples of water. He explained to us what the procedure looks like.

At the end of the excursion we competed for small prizes and watched interesting experiments. We were really impressed by the number of machines which are used for examination of different parameters of water.

Tomáš Fiala, Petr Noháč - 2. B