Four classes of Masaryk grammar school drove to Rokytnice nad Jizerou last week (12th-18th March) – kvinta A, kvinta B, 1. A and 1. B. If you ask me, I really wasn´t very excited about this trip, because it was from the 12th to 18th March but I had to leave at the 16th March because I had a piano competition here in Pilsen. And I also thought, that there would be not enough snow for snowboarding so I couldn´t enjoy that. But the opposite was truth.

The “hotel” in Rokytnice wasn´t as good as I imagined but it was fine – warm, great bed, toilet and good food. So I didn´t have any problems with it. I was scared of the ski-centre, but I was positively surprised that there were optimal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Our, such a great snowboard teacher has taught us a lot of tricks to be better at snowboarding so I was happy that I got some new experiences. The other actions were fine, I was comfortable with that.

The best part of these days were form 8 o´clock PM to 10 o´clock PM when we had free program and that meant that about ten or more people from our class went to the biggest room which we had and spent time there together.

In my opinion, this course helped us to put our class collective more together and I was really lucky that I could spend time there with my best friends.

Daniela Fišerová, kvinta A