It was on 12th March – the first day of our skiing course. We had a meeting at 7 AM in front of our school. The ride took about three hours and at the end we were already really tired. We only wanted our rooms and to sleep. But we had just short pause after the lunch and then we had to go skiing, unfortunately! But OK, it was skiing course, we had to deal with it.

So the first day wasn´t the best and I was scared what was waiting for us next days. But I was really surprised! The other days were much better. Always after the breakfast we went skiing on Lysá Hora and we were there to midday. In the afternoon, we had a break after the lunch and then we were walking across Rokytnice and nature around, or we were going cross-country skiing and that really wasn´t my favourite program. I thing that cross-country skiing isn´t something for me.

I´d say that I was contended on this skiing course. I thought that it would be much worse and I didn´t want to go, but I´m glad I decided to go with my class.

There were other classes too, of course. And in my view, it was great to meet some new people. But I think the best thing was skiing. I really enjoyed it and I liked the place, where we were. And the second best thing was food. I really loved the breakfasts in our hotel! OKey, the rooms had some mistakes and they could be better. But there was warm, we had warm water too, so I think that it was really good experience.

I enjoyed the week very much.

Hana Sadílková, kvinta A