On Sunday morning, before we left Pilsen, I was truly excited about upcoming ski course. During the week, my excitement has been slowly growing until that disco, where I realised that this was something I´m never going to forget.

Even the first way to the hotel was amazing. We were listening to some old hits and singing. The first day was such a relaxing day – we only settled down and after that, we were divided into groups. After dinner, there was a quite big party in our apartment. About 10 people – playing “Jelly beans”, dancing to crazy songs and having fun. I went to sleep really satisfied that night. Skiing at Lysá Hora was also good. Much better than I expected. Our instructor Mr. Suši (we called him Mr. Suši because he didn´t want to be called just Filip or Suši :-) though us some main styles of skiing and he even made a video of us. I also got to know new people from other classes who were in the first group too.

The first day of cross-country skiing on the meadows was quite a disaster, but despite that I really enjoyed it. I laughed so hard I couldn´t feel my stomach sometimes. And the final race? Unbelievable. Even though we didn´t win, we knew that we´re the best class in the world because of the support.

The meal at hotel Krakonoš was undoubtably delitious! There´s nothing left to say about that.

As I´m repeating that week in my head, I must admit that there was nothing wron with anything at all and I´m glad I was there. I really had to say all the amazing stuff that had happened last week. Still it´s not everything.

Kristýna Bednářová, kvinta A