Last week (13th-17th March) or class Sekunda B was on a skiing course. We were in hotel Bohemia under Špičák mountain. I was in a room with my friends Peťka, Terka and Anča. We had lots of fun! We watched films and danced to Miky Miney´s Anoconda. We laughed all the time!

We went there on Monday, midday. We had lunch and then we made five groups according to our ski or snowboard abilities. I was in tem five - the worst! I was quite sad because I know how to ski but I´m in the team of beginners. There were good things too. I learned new things like carving. I was with nice people too. We went on cross-country skis. That was fun!

We played all-course game. Every evening we did some abilities like playing the scenes or pantomime. Our team was the fifth. How unexpected! But we weren´t sad. We knew it all the time. We won the game only on the first day - we had to build a snowman. We built a woman body from knees to a head.

There were funny moments too. People form our team “composed” a rap song for Mr. Pavlíček. Then my friend Peťka played very funny scene. At the end of the course we had a disco and longer bedtime.

It was fun and I think everbody wants to repeat it!

Daniela Holecová, sekunda B