On Wednesday 22nd February, we went with older classes from our grammar school to visit interactive geographical show in Měšťanská Beseda about the 20th most populous country in the world, to be exact about the Phillipines.

At the beginning of the lecture, we got introduced with the  basic information about this island state e.g. that it's formed of 7107 bigger or smaller islands, the most practiced religion is Christianity or that over 11 million of Filipinos lived overseas.

The next topic was about their diverse+ culture and their traditional habits. In the past the culture was influenced by China, Indo-China, later by Spain and in the last century by America. The biggest feast is at Easter when some of Filipinos voluntarily allow to crucify themselves or at least they get flogged with whips in order to honor God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

In the third part we learnt about local cuisine. The traveler who was accompanying us through the whole presentation had tasted lots of typical and traditional meals. According to his opinion the food is great, cheap and you can find little kiosk on almost every corner in Manila. But if you run into eggs grilled on the street, be careful, because it's a local special called Balut, which is a developing bird embryo, usually a duck or chicken that is boiled and eaten from the shell. It´s definitely very delicious.

Some subjects weren't as interesting as the other ones but we were kept in constant attention to the screen thanks to deep motivation quotes from Michal Jackson, Nelson Mandela and etc.

The whole program was very entertaining and I really hope that we can visit more educationally focused presentations and lectures like this.

Natálie Motysová, kvinta A