On 25th January 2017, there was an event for students, which should teach us how to speak, write and read in Russian. It sounds crazy, right? We are convinced, that it is possible.

The lesson started with introducing. The teacher from Russian Centre of Science and Culture started to speak in Russian almost immediately. It took a few minutes and we knew how to say hello, introduce ourselves or say something about our job. Everything was quick, because everyone told us something and we had a small discussion. Then we tried to learn Cyrillic and we also put together some easy words. We got papers with Cyrillic and Czech pronunciation. After a few minutes, we were able to write our names and we could do something a lot funnier – theatricals! We all know the fairy-tale about beetroot, but who is able to play it? The teacher chose six students and we could start. Unbelievable, but we were able to play it in a great way.
The other half of the lesson we find out something about Russia. There was some information not even about culture and life in Russia, but also about education, exchange visits or summer camps. Before it all started, the teacher asked us, how long have we been learning Russian and if she can recite in Russian. We were laughing and said, that it’s already an hour, so she can easily start to speak Russian. And she really did. And what is the weirdest thing about it? We understood.

In fact, we really learned how to speak, read and write in Russian in one hour! I can really recommend this event and I’m happy, that it’s in our school.
до свидания!

Iva Salivarová, kvinta A