5.20 pm - Ready to get in to a bus!

5.22 pm - We chose the best seats in the whole bus! The bus was very nice, modern and those big windows were also great!

5.37 pm - While I was trying to get my jacket into the luggage space (successfully), the bus stared to move, I almost felt down!

5.41 pm - We were going through Pilsen and looking forward to all those great experiences we expected!

7.00 pm - The first stop near Cheb! The road was great! I love travelling by bus, especially by this new and clean bus!

9.45 pm - After more than 4 hours on the way we arrived to Weimar.

9.50 pm - We got off the bus and now we are waiting for the next instructions by the teacher. While we were waiting, I was taking first pictures of the park and the castle. This town looks amazing! After few minutes we were finally going somewhere.

10.00 pm - We arrived to the old building of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library. We were waiting. We didn’t know what to do now. After few moments we went out of the building and we went somewhere else.

10.10 pm - I guess it was just a mistake. We arrived to the new building of the library. It was so modern! We went through the building and came to a lecture room. We took seats and some old German man was already ready to tell us something about the town and its history with a help of his presentation. It was quite long, but interesting (OK, maybe it was too long haha). He was talking German, but our teacher, Mr. Skočný, translated everything, so it was perfect! It was great introduction for exploring of Weimar.

11.10 am - After the lecture we had some time for WC and walking through the library. It was just amazing! The architecture was breath-taking. There was a hole right in the floor, so we could see working people downstairs, it was so funny! After it, we were in a little hurry, so we had to go to another destination very fast! We went around the Town hall and the first square.

11.30 am - We finally arrived to Schiller’s hause. They gave us audio guides (in German, even the were English ones were available) and we went to look how the famous poet Friedrich Schiller lived! It was very nice and interesting to see how he lived. The only fault was the German audio guides, I didn’t understand anything.

12.45 pm - After the Schiller’s hause we had a break for lunch. We sat on a bench in the middle of Christmas markets on the second square we’ve visited so far and we were eating baguettes, toasts and candies from our homes. It was the best experience on this trip so far!! Just kidding, of course!

13.15 pm - The city tour started.

13.25 pm - We arrived on the third square before the Deutsches Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar with Goethe-Schiller Monument in front of it. There was ice-skating rink too. Mr. Skočný told us so much about this building, Bauhaus and the history of Weimar. Across the street there was the Bauhaus-Museum. We went around it and then we continued on another square.

13.40 pm - Another stop - The St. Peter and Paul’s Church, Herder’s Square and monument of Herder. Mr. Skočný told us something about it again. I was listening and taking in the atmosphere.

13:55 pm - The penultimate stop was at Stadtschloss. Beautiful building!

14.15 pm - After the Stadtschloss we went to the Ilmpark. We crossed the Schlossbrücke over the river of Ilm and continued through the park. Our target was the Goethe’s garden house. We just made very short break in front of it and continued around the old building of Duchess Anna Amalia Library and Reithaus.

14.30 pm - Our city tour finished at the bus stop where we started our whole trip. The best part of the trip started - individual city tour! I was going through the town in a group of 4 with my friends. It was great! Our first stop was at the tower of the Stadtschloss, then we went on the Herder’s Square to look on the interior of the church. It was fabulous! Our next and funniest stop was at the playground. We continued to look on the markets. We bought the Kinderpunsch and a coffee at a local café. Our tour continued back to the park. We went to have a look on the river. When we came there, all the ducks swam to us, they probably thought we have a food for them. Sorry, we ate it all!

17.15 pm - After we finished our tour, it was the time to go home. We got in the bus and went back.

21.20 pm - Our trip is officially over! We arrived happily to Petákova Street and said goodbye to our friends and teachers and we went home full of new great experiences!

Daniel Giebel, kvinta A